Monday, August 30, 2010

Football Season is HERE!!!

Homecoming Mums - WOW!!

So much has changed since the days I received a mum for Homecoming. Back then, fresh football mums were the norm. They look a lot different now with the use of silk mums and the thousands of trinkets to choose from.

There are also smaller mums attached to garters for the boys to wear on their arms or as a boutonniere. Smaller mums can be used as friendshipt or "little sister" mums.

Our most exciting creation to date, is the finger mum. The finger mum can be worn as a ring, a pony tail band or attached to shoes. So cute and so creative.

We also have spirit sticks and spirit bears that have all the bells and whistles to make noise to cheer your team onto victory.

Accessories for these mums are limited only by the imagination. For example, some of these mum even have battery operated lights!!

Prices range between $15 to $100 in smaller towns, and the passionate mum-buyers pay up to $400 in large city shops. blumen-meisters makes it easy for you to choose from a large selection of custom designed mums which are displayed in the store. blumen-meisters also presents a display board with all the accessories, which are numbered and priced. Customers can select their own corsage, adding a bit of ribbon or a few more trinkets to suit their personal taste.

We pride ourselves with providing different, unusual and one of a kind pieces of art. We have the same passion for creating that one of kind piece for our high school kids during this most exciting time for them.

For more information, call blumen-meisters at (830) 629-1604, or stop by the shop at 111 S. Union Avenue.

Flowers make special days even happier!

Life gives us moments that make us happy like celebrating a birthday, welcoming a new little one into the world or your Best friend gets a new job after being laid off for a year! You are happy and you want to celebrate! Well... send flowers they add a special festive flair to these happy occasions. The flowers this time of year are just beautiful. Share them with someone who will enjoy them!!!!!!