Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HaLlOwEeN SpIrIt

For those of you who know me, I've admitted my love for everything Halloween.  Okay, maybe not everything....  I accidentally (long story) saw "Sinister," last weekend. Let's just say I prefer vintage holiday decor to the scary stuff on the screen!

Did you know...

41 million. Number of potential trick-or-treaters (kids ages 5-14 in the United States).

85.78 million. Number of U.S. households are giving out candy.

1.21 billion. Dollars spent on adult Halloween costumes annually.

1 billion. Dollars spent on kid Halloween costumes annually.

310 million. Dollars spent on pet Halloween costumes annually.

73.5. Percentage of Americans who will hand out candy.

49.5. Percentage who will decorate a home or yard.

47.8. Percentage who will carve a pumpkin.

43.9. Percentage who will dress in costume.

34.3. Percentage who will throw a party.

32.9. Percentage who will take children trick-or-treating.

72. Percentage who will celebrate Halloween in general. (Up from 69% last year.)

2009. Weight of world's largest pumpkin, grown by a Rhode Island man this year.

1.2 pounds. Weight of candy the average American eats on Halloween. That's the equivalent of 280 M&Ms, 127 Starbursts, 56 fun-size Twix and 33 fun-size Snickers.

415.9 million. Dollars earned by highest-grossing scary movie of all time, "Saw." ("Friday the 13th" was second, followed by "A Nightmare on Elm Street.")

45. Years in a row that "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" will air on TV.

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