Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

Good morning all....  I only have a quick second to write this but something magical just happened in my store.  A very sweet lady came in to the store today to purchase a corsage for her Mother to wear at their Christmas celebrations.  She placed her order for pickup and said that she would pay at that time.  After she left the store, another client of mine came in.   She explained that everyone around her was grumpy and negative.  She was upset because she didn't feel it was right for any one to feel this way during such a magical time of the year.  At that point, she decided to set out and create her own happiness hoping to change the minds of those around her.  As a random act of kindness, she told us that she wanted to pay for the order that the lady before her placed.  She paid for a complete strangers order.  The one who ordered the corsage for her Mother.  We all busted into tears.  That act so proudly effected us, we all busted out in tears.  Our reaction encouraged her to decide for the rest of the week, once a day, where ever she was, that she was going to do the same thing for somebody else.

That my friends is truly what Christmas is about.  It has motivated me to do the same thing for individuals that come into my life.  If we keep paying it forward, maybe we can make a difference in this world.  Merry Christmas to all.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Legend of the Poinsettia

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Some time ago, I heard a lovely Christmas story about Maria, a young girl who lived on a poor family farm in a small village in Mexico.  It was a custom in the village to glorify the Christmas season with special events to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, Jesus.  Everyone took part in the preparations by festively decorating the village church and the piazza in front of it.  Even the children helped by making gifts to give to the Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.  Maria wanted to make a very special gift.  She had helped her mother before with the loom, so she tried, on her own, to weave a colorful blanket.  But Maria was too inexperienced and the yarns became an entangled mess.  Maria was heartbroken. She wanted so much to be able to march in procession with the other village children, but she had no gift to give to the Christ Child.  Finally it was Christmas Eve!  The villagers gathered in the piazza.  Some whispered that they thought they could hear angels singing tonight.  Everyone was ready.  Holding lit candles, all the villagers began to proceed down the aisle amid joyous music and singing.  All except for Maria, who hid in the shadows, watching with tears in her eyes as the procession to the church started. "I don't have a gift for the Baby Jesus," she sniffled softly.  "I tried and tried to make something beautiful, but instead I ruined it".  Suddenly, Maria heard a voice.  She looked up and saw only a bright star in the sky; it seemed to hover and shine over the village church.  Was it this star that spoke to her?  "Maria" she heard the voice again.  "The Baby Jesus will love whatever you give because it comes from your heart.  Love is what makes any gift special".  With that, Maria stepped out from the shadows.  Nearby she noticed some tall green weeds.  She rushed over and quickly filled her arms with the weeds, covering them with her cape.  Then she ran swiftly to the church.  By the time she arrived, the candles were ablaze and the children were singing as they walked down the aisle carrying their gifts to the Christ Child.  Padre Franceso placed the figure of the baby Jesus in the Manger, with the children's gifts all around it.  Suddenly, Maria was scared when she saw all of those people dressed in such beautiful clothes, and she was dressed so poorly.  She tired to slip behind one of the big pillars, but she was too slow.  Padre Franceso saw her.  "Maria, Maria" he called out.  "Hurry girl, come, bring up your gift!"  Maria was tearful.  She wondered, "Do I run away?"  Do I go forward?  The Padre saw her apprehension and coaxed her more gently, "Maria, come up here and see the Baby Jesus.  There is a space left for one more gift."  Before she could think, Maria found herself walking down the main aisle of the church. "What is Maria carrying under her cape?" the villagers whispered.  "Where is her gift?"  Padre Franceso stepped down from the altar and walked with maria to the Christmas creche.  Maria bowed her head and said a prayer then opened her cape and let the weeds tumble out.  Voices gasped, "LOOK! Look at those glorious flowers!"  Startled, Maria opened her eyes.  She was stunned.  For each weed was now topped with a flaming, bright, star red bloom.  And outside, too, every weed now bore a bright red star bloom.  Maria's love had created a miracle.  That miracle is the Poinsettia.

This is an amazing story at such a sad time.  There is so much violence surrounding us....  the shooting in Connecticut.  A violent accident that took the life of my friend Tanner Wagner.  There is so much pain but there will be miracles, such as Maria's.  Never lose hope and always look for your miracle.

Thank you Texas State Florist Association (TSFA) for sharing this story.