Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some of my philosophy

Most people who don't work directly with flowers don't realize that each individual stem has been prepared and hand placed into the final product, often with painstaking care. This is where artistry and passion for the work comes in. So if you're willing to try design, just take your time, judge your efforts kindly, and watch your skills blossom.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Creating Your Own Bouquet Tips

The following ideas indicate how adhering to a few basics will influence you as you create your own bouquets.

1. In their natural state, flowers are not usually packed together tightly, so try to make arrangements full but loose, with petals, leaves and tendrils extending below and beyond their containers.

2. So many flowers look perfectly stunning by themselves, without any addition whatsoever; add others only when you want to enhance specific colors and create different textures.

3. Rather than mixing colors uniformly throughout a bouquet, make small clusters of each shade and place them alongside one another: the large blocks of color will compliment each other more fully.

4. Use the flower's own leaves if they're long lasting or try to find greenery that has some resemblance to the flower's own, to echo its apparance in nature.

5. Each addition to an arrangement should have a purpose. If you have only a few flowers, it's better to make an exquisite small bouquet rather than adding filler to make it look bigger.

6. Don't cut flowers to fit a vase - instead, choose the vase that best suites the blossom.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Look to the Flower for Inspiration

Just as the best tomatoes and strawberries come in summer, one learns that the fullest tulips appear in Spring. Garden roses at their most fetching in May, June and July. Knowing that lilacs will appear for only a few scant weeks has made more than one bride set her wedding date for that time, because she wants to recall their delicate scent on each anniversary. Which flower is your favorite and why does it inspire you??????

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did you know.....?

The Waffle Plant a/k/a Purple Ivy

* Best known for it's ability to re-oxygenate (clean) the air around it.

* Latin - Hemigraphis Exotica

* It is considered a tropical plant and needs misting

Very interesting.... Come see it....