Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Floral Blankets a.k.a. Floral Aisle Runners

 I have a bride that I met with this past Sunday.  Her wedding is going to be outside on the banks of a River in our town.  Quaint, historic and romantic.  While we were working out the details of the ceremony location...  it occurred to me how fabulous it would be to see an aisle full of petals.  I'm not talking about your average popping the heads off 100 roses and scattering them lightly up and down the aisle.  I'm talking about creating a piece of art that goes down the aisle.  A true show stopper.  I was surprised when I got back to the studio and started googling floral aisle runners, that there wasn't much out there.  Well, let me clarify.  There was a lot out there, just not what I was envisioning.  So I spent more time researching.  When eurika...  I found it.  I couldn't believe it...  There they were in all their glory.  I was only able to find one place that has perfected this look that I had envisioned.  I am sure there are more out there but this was the most comprehensive group that I found.  The Company's name is Events by Show Stoppers...  They are located in Sedona.  Isn't that amazing...  Exactly what I said the look should be...  A Show Stopper. 

This is their site.
 I highly encourage you to take a look.  They even have a youtube video of the making one. .  Truly amazing and totally inspiring.    I hope that you've enjoyed looking at these pieces of art as much as I have.  While this is amazing and certainly over the top, sadly, I don't really see the Brides in our area going for the expense to obtain this look.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Foot Surgery.Valentine

In the latter part of December, I reluctantly had foot surgery.  It turned out to be a much more serious surgery than any of us anticipated.  I had bone spurs that needed fixing.  A bunion that was crazy out of control.  An over rotation problem at my ankle which caused a flat foot issue.  With all of that being fixed, my Achilles tendon had to be cut so that my foot could move again.  Wow... right!!

At first it was great....  drugged, getting waited on hand and foot (no pun intended), no work.  Now its just "when is it going to be over already".  I distinctly remember being told by my doctor before surgery that I'd be walking in 6 weeks.  Imagine my surprise when at the 6 week appointment, he tells me another 6 weeks on my scooter, then 2 weeks on crutches.....  then he would consider allowing me to
to walk unassisted..  So I asked the doctor.. "why didn't you tell me it was going to take so long to recover.  He simply stated "because you probably wouldn't have had the surgery."  HUMMMMM.  I wanted to jump off the exam table and open up a can of whoop @$*ss on him.  I decided it was in the best interest of my foot and my doctor that I didn't react that way.  So.. off I scoot for another 6 weeks.  In the meantime we had this little Holiday called VALENTINE'S....  Oh dear.  The stories I could tell.  Thousands of flowers to be processed, hundreds of orders to be taken, prepared and delivered.  My staff was amazing.  My friend Shawn came in from Wisconsin to help.  That was major fun.  It was the best Holiday yet.  But.... we were discussing my foot not Valentine's...                                Well, I did have a foot incident during

Valentine's.  It was late Sunday night, we had already worked crazy hours...  I was by the delivery table when I decided to rocket back to the design room.  Not so good for me.  My scooter dumped along with me.  Instinct took over and I pushed down with my bad leg..  Re injury..... longer recovery.  Disappointment.  More time away from my home (which I can't go to because there are steps in the front of my house and the back of my house).  Its interesting how those things start to matter when you've had this kind of surgery.  No driving, no motorcycle riding, no independence.
Well, I digress...  This is all I really wanted to discuss today.  I'll keep you all posted on the progress.