Friday, September 20, 2013

Can it be TRUE... lilies with NO pollen???

Exciting News!
I know if you're reading this at some point you've worked with flowers or knows somebody who has.  More specifically, you've work with lilies and their pollen has stained your hands.  Or worse, stained your shirt or your Grandmother's hand made table cloths.
Here’s some exciting news for those of you who would like to work with lilies but are put off by the amount of pollen they produce.  J A & J Moerman cv , Dutch lily growers, have again won an award at the Moscow Flower Expo with their wonderful double oriental lilies.  The great thing about this new range of lilies is that they have no pollen.  Yes – that’s correct – gone is that tricky pollen which has caused debates for so many years as to whether you should leave it on the flower or remove it!  Whatever you decide to do – the pollen can and will stain.  So this new breed of double lilies known as Roselily® allows designers to use them in bridal bouquets and home settings too with no fear of staining!

Moerman has been specializing in oriental lilies for over 25 years.  The family business is now run by brothers Jaap, Jan and Paul Moerman in a convertible glass greenhouse (meaning the entire roof can open up) which allows them to produce lilies year round.  Some years ago Moerman contacted Looff Innovations, a breeder who selected a double oriental to develop and they have worked on this for over 15 years.  Now named Roselily®) they realized that this should be brought to the global market.  The breeder and the grower agreed to work together to bring lots of new and promising varieties of Roselily® to the market over the coming years.  Colors like white, red and pink are already on their way and the great news is that they have now bred a green variety too! 

To the average person this information will probably not mean so much.  Personally, I am yahooing all the way to the bank with all the money I'm going to save not having to buy new clothes!!!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Gone Blues

If you are a lover of summer, Key West, turtles and anything beach related like I am ...  the summer time blues are probably starting to set in.  I found some amazing products that have brighten my day and reminded me of those breezy afternoons at the beach .... 

These items aren't only for home they can be used as unique wedding d├ęcor.  See the Capiz garlands used above.  That example is a creative use of this product.  What a perfect way to personalize a beach wedding.

All of these great products were found at Jamali Garden Floral and Garden Supplies.  I highly recommend them to cure your summer time blues!  Go check them out.