Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flower meanings gave me a renewed inspiration

A few days ago, a family came into my shop asking for special flowers.  Sadly, their Husband and Step Father had just passed away.  These kind people had tremendous hurt in their hearts that I could feel just by looking into their faces.

They had a special request that caught me off guard.  The variety of flowers really wasn't important to them.  What was important was the Language the flowers represented.  As a person passionate about Floristry, I knew what some of the traditional flowers represented.  However, I wasn't able to encompass a body of flowers that would appropriately represent what these people felt for their loved one.

I tracked down a book that I had purchased many, many years ago.  "The Language of Flowers, Symbols and Myths" by Marina Heilmeyer published by Prestel.

The following is what I found, which was perfect for the family.

With this particular arrangement for Dr. Peace,

The floral meanings were significant to the Family.

We thought you would appreciate them too.

The Iris – Inspiration, Faith, Remembrance Forever

The SunflowerAdoration

The LarkspurBeautiful Spirit

The Red RoseLove

The MagnoliaDignity, Authority

The DelphiniumBoldness

The Calla LilyRegal

The GingerProud

The StockEverlasting Symbol of a Happy Life

The DaisyThe Love Flower

The CarnationBravery, Love, Friendship

The TulipSymbol of Importance
Needless to say, I learned a lot from this research.  I have a renewed passion for not only my flowers but the meaning they represent.
The Author
Marina Heilmeyer is a botanist and art historian working for the Botanical Museum in Berlin, Germany.  She is the author of the botanical commentary to the highly acclaimed work Maria Sibylla Merian: New Book of Flowers, also published by Prestel.